Parent Infant Program (Ages 0-3)

  • Family centered program where young siblings and relatives are welcome
  • Parent Infant Program runs for 11 months from September to July
  • Individual family sessions (2) times a week for 60 minutes with Certified Teacher of the Deaf/MSW
  • Individual parent sessions include language stimulation techniques,  auditory learning, educational workshops and parenting skills, and sign language class
  • Individualized tracks provided-Total Communication or Aural-Oral methods are reinforced in sessions
  • Group Sessions (1) time a week for 3 hours which include parent workshops lead by certified social workers, speech strategies and techniques  modeled by speech therapists, student art instruction, and introduction to American Sign Language classes
  • Parent Infant teacher works collaboratively with C.I. clinics to inform them of progress made with C.I. infants, regulating mappings and reinforcement of speech and in auditory skills in weekly sessions
  • Parent advocacy provided by social workers to various agencies for referrals 
  • Focus is on sign language acquisition and/or spoken language skills and audition
  • Hearing Aids with an FM unit are provided for in school use
  • Multidisciplinary evaluation is utilized for assessment of cognitive, social, and physical developmental  benchmarks
  • Individualized Family Services Program goals are designed by Parents and Teacher cooperatively
  • Serving infants/toddlers who are deaf with developmental delays as well as those on the Autism Spectrum
  • Free round trip transportation provided by car service
  • Program provides bilingual educators and social workers to help meet the needs of Spanish speaking families
  • St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf has been in existence since 1869 servicing Deaf children for more than 150 years

 PIP Brochure