St. Joseph's Children Fund Mission Statement

 The mission of St. Joseph's Children's Fund is to help build a model school for deaf education using new technologies to improve literacy and ensure access to education, information, and opportunities so that St. Joseph's children can grow to be participating members of society.


The St. Joseph's Children's Fund was established in 1994 to raise funds to support SJSD programs and students. This fundraising has allowed St. Joseph's School to install new playgrounds, build a production studio and purchase a small school van. As a result, students have a safe place to play, are able to make visuals that are so important to children who are deaf, and are transported to an integrated after-school recreational program. If you would like to be a part of enriching the lives of St. Joseph's children, please contact us to make a donation to our General Fund, to our Library Fund or our brick Memory Garden. 


Please call to make a donation to the Children's Fund or directly to St. Joseph's School for the Deaf by calling 718-828-9000 x 207 for additional information. 


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