Health and Clinical Services

SJSD has a full time registered nurse on staff each day to provide for students' medical attention as required. Other medical personnel available as needed are: pediatrician, and optometrist.

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Services

These services are available for eligible students. OT works with students on: gross motor performance, fine motor performance, self care needs and activities of daily living, sensory and perceptual development and postural control and body image/awareness. 

PT works with students to ensure access to school in an energy efficient way, to maintain or improve mobility as appropriate for classroom tasks and to lower barriers that may impede learning

Media, Library, & Technology

Students learn to access, evaluate and manage data. Our media and technology team support teachers technically while providing relevant information, and integration methodologies in the rapidly changing field. 

At SJSD we utilize Smartboards, multiple computer workstations, technology labs, Chroma Key (green screen) technology, iPods and wireless internet access into the daily learning process.

In addition, each classroom is wired for our in-house broadcast system. SJSD offers a fully equipped digital television production studio that provides our students with a daily television broadcast, featuring content area specific material and announcements. Some student projects featured include shared reading and storytelling, biographies, math and various literacy projects that are broadcasted throughout the school. Episode segments are produced by both staff and students on occasion. 

Our technology and media program is integrated into the curriculum and ensures that students become confident users of relevant technology for their future.


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